THE LORD’S HILL SECONDARY SCHOOL found in Masukanzi Village, Kilolo District, Iringa Region in Tanzania. The school started to be built in September 2009. The main donor for the construction of the school is FOVEA FOUNDATION from Norway. Others who supported and still supporting are Kragerø High School (Norway), Engebråten school (Norway) KNOW IT Company Norway and more others.

By November 2011 the school was in final stage of registration as  secondary school. On December 8, 2011 the school got complete registration as secondary school under Ministry of Education and Vocational Training with registration number: S4519.

The Lord’s Hill High School opened in January of 2012. It currently has 153 students in Form 1 through Form 4 (equivalent to eighth to eleventh grade in the United States). The eight teachers at Lord’s Hill cover a range of subjects including: History, Social Science, Geography, English, Kiswahili, Math, Physics, Biology, and Chemistry. As a boarding school, the high school provides each student with a bed and meals during the school year.

The facilities include the main building, which consists of six classrooms and an administrative office. The boy’s hostel provides living quarters for the male students. Currently, two rooms in the main building of the high school are being used as female quarters while the girl’s hostel is under construction.

IOP’s core values and mission are present in the teaching at the Lord’s Hill High School and greatly affect the quality of education that the students receive. As part of their weekly schedule, students participate in clubs and debates where they discuss controversial subjects with fellow students and teachers. This encourages students to develop critical thinking skills. They are able to master the material needed for exams and cultivate problem-solving skills.

Many of the teachers and administrators at Lord’s Hill believe that these differences set their school apart from other secondary schools in the region. Lord’s Hill placed second out of 38 schools in the region for the National Form 2 exams. In order for the first Form 4 class to take their national exam at the 2015, the construction of the Multipurpose Hall needs to be completed.

It costs 1.5 million Tanzanian shillings (approximately $750USD) for one year of education at Lord’s Hill High School. Of the 150 students at Lord’s Hill, the IOP Sponsorship Program sponsors 40 students. Many of these students will continue to be sponsored to the university level.